Gripezy™️ – Pack of 2

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Are you a buddying social media influencer and want to record videos from your phone but need a stand to make still videos?

Buying a tripod stand is a costly affair for sure, Relax, Introducing Gripezy™️, a Zero Gravity, two-sided Sticker Pad, that sticks to any surface whether wall or car dashboard and you just have to place your phone or tablet on it and start recording.

That’s not all, it can be used while working in the kitchen or doing make up while watching tutorials or Lying on your bed and watching your favorite show online without actually holding your device in your hands.


  • EASY TO APPLY: Simply paste Gripezy™️ to the wall or table where you want to place your device and there you go, record your videos, selfies or watch them without holding your phone.
  • STRONG HOLD & MULTIPURPOSE: Not only the Devices you can actually paste anything you want, yes, you heard it right, whether keys, Bluetooth speakers or even a glass of water. It defies gravity with its strong hold that the object doesn’t fall.
  • JUST WASH & PASTE IT AGAIN: Regular usage made it dirty? Relax, Wash it with water and its good to be pasted again.Now, its easy to fix the angle of your Phone or Tablet while shooting or watching videos with Gripezy™️.


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