Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List | Top Tiers List [May 2022]

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Welcome to the Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List for 2022. This list has been compiled after careful consideration and evaluation of the champions in the game. Here you will find the best champions for each role, as well as a few that are not quite up to par but still usable. Let’s get started!

Raid: Shadow Legends is an RPG game that tasks you with building a team of champions to take on dungeons and bosses. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best champions in the game as of 2022.

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Raid: Shadow Legends Game

Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile, fantasy RPG game developed and published by Plarium Games. The game was released for Android on March 28th 2018 and iOS on May 17th 2019. Raid: Shadow Legends features turn-based combat which involves the player building their own champion teams from many different factions.

In Raid: Shadow Legends, there are two types of tier lists. The first one is the overall champion tier list that ranks all champions according to their current power and performance. The second type is the faction tier list which ranks each faction based on how strong they are in a specific format or game mode. Both types of lists will be updated regularly to reflect the ever-changing meta of the game.

So, what’s the best champion in Raid: Shadow Legends? The answer to that question is always changing and depends on the current meta. However, some champions are consistently high-performing regardless of the situation. These champions are said to be “top tier” and are usually the best picks for most teams.

That being said, here is a current tier list of the best champions in Raid: Shadow Legends [2022]. This list is based on the overall champion tier list and takes into account all game modes and formats.

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Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List [2022]

A tier list is a ranking of items, people, or characters in order of superiority. This type of ranking system is often used in video games and online forums to express the strengths and weaknesses of different items, players, or teams. The tier list is primarily designed to help players decide who they should invest their time and resources into in order to be competitive at high levels of play.

It also helps new players by giving them a starting point for determining which champions or artifact sets are worth grinding out, as well as providing insight into how these items can be improved upon.

The tier list does not take into account the champion’s innate abilities or skill sets when ranking them; rather, it focuses on how effectively they perform in various modes of gameplay such as Arena battles, Campaign missions, and PvP matches (both ranked and unranked).

It also doesn’t factor in personal preferences like color scheme preference or favorite champions. The list is ordered from the best to worst, with S being the best tier and F being the worst.

Raid: Shadow Legends Banner Lord Tier List [2022]

We decided to rate all of the heroes in this Raid Shadow Legends Banner Lord tier list on the basis of their powers and performances in combat. We took a hero’s fighting ability against opposing troops into account while considering his or her strengths and shortcomings versus various sorts of foes.

SRaglin, Septimus, Sethalia, Archmage Hellmut, Ursala the Mourner, Baron
ABlack Knight, Cillian the Lucky, Gerhard the Stone, Helior, Minaya, Oathbound, Richtoff the Bold, Rowan, Lord Champfort, Lugan the Steadfast, Stag Knight
BAzure, Conquerer, Dagger, Chancellor Yasmin, Halberdier, Hordin, Giscard the Sigiled, Knight Errant, Myrmidon, Preserver, Seneschal, Vanguard, Warcaster, Chevalier, Alaric the Hooded
CGrandmaster, Masked Fearmonger, Valerie, Lordly Legionary, Steadfast Marshal, Bombardier
DCataphract, Courtier, Crossbowman, Quaestor

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Raid: Shadow Legends High ELF Tier List [2022]

The High Elf is an excellent addition to your team if you’re looking to expand it. These characters can be utilized in all phases of the game, from campaign and story mode through even more difficult levels with other players. The characters’ abilities make it simpler to tackle foes without getting worried about their own safety.

TierChampions List
SApothecary, Arbiter, Lyssandra, Belanor, Tayrel, Basileus Roanas
ABattlesage, Royal Huntsman, Shirimani, Ithos, Luthiea, Elenaril, Heiress, Royal Guard, Thenasil, Vergis
BYannica, Elhain, Exemplar, Fencer, Hyria, Jinglehunter, Pyxniel
CReliquary Tender, Adjudicator
DMarksman, Avenger, Magister, Interceptor

Raid: Shadow Legends Sacred Order Tier List [2022]

In this Raid Shadow Legends tier list, we’ll go through the Sacred Order and which heroes you should concentrate on to get the most out of this RPG game. The characters in this ranking are based on their usefulness in battle and how well they compare to other characters.

TierChampions List
SCupidus, Deacon Armstrong, Abbess, Armiger, Athel, Cardiel, Fenax, Martyr, Venus, Roshcard the Tower, Sir Nicholas, Aothar
ACardinal, Errol, Godseeker Aniri, Lightsworn, Lodric Falconheart, Hope, Inquisitor Shamael, Juliana, Mistress of Hymns, Relickeeper, Romero, Astralon
BBushi, Canoness, Draconis, Mother Superior, Outlaw Monk, Frostbringer, Lamellar, Mordecai, Penitent, Warpriest, Sanctioned Purifier, Sanguinia, Tallia
CTemplar, Chaplain, Confessor, Purgator, Sanctum Protector, Justiciar, Lady Etessa
DSolaris, Harrier, Headsman, Maiden, Missionary, Hospitaller, Judicator, Renouncer, Witness

Raid: Shadow Legends Barbarian Tier List [2022]

In the Raid: Shadow Legends tier list, we ranked the heroes from greatest to lowest in terms of their power. The heroes are in the top level if they have a large number of skills and abilities that can utterly destroy their opponents in combat.

TierChampions List
STuhanarak, Ursuga Warcaller, Scyl of the Drakes, Valkyrie, Warmaiden, Alika
AAltan, High Khatun, Kantra the Cyclone, Armina, Atur, Elder Skarg, Fahrakin the Fat, Marked, Sentinel, Sikara, Turvold, Skytouched Shaman, Soulbond Bowyer, Valla, Zephyr Sniper, Aina
BAnointed, Dunestrider, Elder, Baroth the Bloodsoaked, Haarken Greatblade, Kallia, Teshada, Scrapper, Skirmisher
CYakarl the Scourge, Berserker, Bloodbraid, Ragemonger, Hill Nomad, Maeve, Suwai Firstborn
DTigersoul, Jotun, Woad-Painted, Ox, Slayer

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Raid: Shadow Legends Ogryn-Tribe Tier List [2022]

The Ogryn-Tribe fighters are the most durable and powerful troops in Raid: Shadow Legends. They may be used to assault, defend, or both simultaneously if you know how to utilize their various abilities.

TierChampions List
SGhrush the Mangler, Bellower, Big ‘Un, Maneater, Skullcrusher, Uugo, Cagebreaker
AGrimskin, Gurptuk Moss-Beard, Ignatius, Gurgoh the Augur, Klodd Beastfeeder, Shamrock, Siegehulk, Towering Titan, War Mother, Drokgul the Gaunt
BGrunch Killjoy, Ogryn Jailer, Galkut, Geargrinder, Prundar, Shatterbones, Furystoker
CPounder, Rocktooth, Mycolus, Occult Brawler, Siegebreaker, Wagonbane, Stoneskin
DMagmablood, Ruffstone, Flesheater, Fortress Goon

Raid: Shadow Legends Lizardman Tier List [2022]

The Lizardmen are without a doubt the finest race in Raid: Shadow Legends. Even if you’re outgunned, they have a variety of skills that may be used to reverse the fortunes of enemy units.

TierChampions List
SKrisk the Ageless, Dracomorph, Fu-Shan, Rhazin Scarhide, Aox the Rememberer
ARoxam, Ramantu Drakesblood, Vergumkaar, Basilisk
BBogwalker, Gator, Haruspex, Broadmaw, Drake, Jarang, Jareg, Jizoh, Skathix, Quargan The Crowned, Skull Lord Var-Gall
CVenomage, Hurler, Metalshaper, Skink, Muckstalker, Skullsworn
DSlitherbrute, Flinger, Slasher

Raid: Shadow Legends Skinwalker Tier List [2022]

The Skinwalker tier list is for you if you want an all-around character that can function both defensively and offensively. You may use them to battle against tough foes without having to worry about their safety since they have various talents that are helpful in combat.

TierChampions List
SBasher, Khoronar, Norog
ABrakus the Shifter, Fayne, Graybeard, Cleopterix, Hakkorhn Smashlord, Longbeard, Steelskull, Bloodpainter
BChanneler, Gnalhorn, Gnarlhorn, Flesh-Tearer, Fleshmonger, Grappler, Hoforees the Tusked, Reinbeast, Warchief, Ursine Icecrusher, Ursine Ironhide
CPanthera, Yaga the Insatiable, Ripper, Snorting Thug
DTaurus, Bloodhorn

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Raid: Shadow Legends ORC Tier List [2022]

The Orc is a fantastic member of your party, especially if you’re engaged in combat with other players. With little effort, they can quickly dispatch their opponents and may be utilized at any stage of the game.

TierChampions List
SKreela Witch-Arm, Dhukk the Pierced, Warlord, Angar
AGalek, Gomlok Skyhide, Robar, Sandlashed Survivor, Iron Brago, Old Hermit Jorrg, Tuhak the Wanderer, Vrask, Zargala, Bonekeeper
BGrohak the Bloodied, King Garog, Shaman, Teela Goremane, Nogdar The Headhunter, Seer, Ultimate Galek, Veteran, Bloodfeather
CChopper, Pigsticker, Raider, Deathchanter, Ironclad, Ripperfist, Terrorbeast, Torturehelm, Goremask
DHuntress, Treefeller, Twinclaw Disciple, Spikehead, Totem, Wyvernbane

Raid: Shadow Legends Demonspawn Tier List [2022]

The Demonspawn tier list ranks all of the heroes by their relative power. These characters are extremely effective since they can be utilized to defend your base against other players and destroy opposing troops with ease.

TierChampions List
SPeydma, Prince Kymar, Duchess Lilitu, Tyrant Ixlimor, Umbral Enchantress, Alure
ACandraphon, Countess Lix, Excruciator, Fellhound, Cruetraxa, Drexthar Bloodtwin, Infernal Baroness, Inithwe Bloodtwin, Nazana, Sicia Flametongue, Lord Shazar, Marquis
BTainix Hateflower, Achak the Wendarin, Gorlos Hellmaw, Hellgazer, Akoth the Seared, Diabolist, Erinyes, Marquess, Skimfos the Consumed
CSouldrinker, Abyssal, Tarshon, Mortu-Macaab
DTormentor, Hellborn Sprite, Ifrit, Malbranche, Hellfang, Hound Spawn

Raid: Shadow Legends Undead Horde Tier List [2022]

The Undead Horde is an excellent choice for players who want to concentrate on defense. These heroes are capable of defending your base against other players and can quickly repel aggressors.

TierChampions List
SNekhret the Great, Nethril, Bad-el-Kazar, Ma’Shalled, Rotos the Lost Groom, Saito, Seeker, Skartosis, Siphi the Lost Bride, Urost the Soulcage, Bloodgorged
ADoomscreech, Gorgorab, Harvest Jack, Drowned Bloatwraith, Frozen Banshee, Suzerain Katonn, Mausoleum Mage, Seducer, Skartorsis, Vogoth, Zelotah, Anax
BBalthus Drauglord, Banshee, Crypt-King Graal, Dark Athel, Catacomb Councilor, Corpse Collector, Corpulent Cadaver, Husk, Lich, Dark Elhain, Defiled Sinner, Elegaius, Grinner, Little Miss Annie
CTemptress, Bone Knight, Gravechill Killer, Rotting Mage, Hexia, Karam, Sorceress
DWretch, Amarantine Skeleton, Hollow, Arbalester, Ghoulish Ranger, Stitched Beast

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Raid: Shadow Legends Dark ELF Tier List [2022]

The Dark Elf is ideal for combat against both opposing troops and other players. They have a lot of skills at their disposal that can be utilized in battle, so you’ll never run out of ways to destroy your enemies.

TierChampions List
SGhostborn, Kael, Blind Seer, Coldheart, Foli, Lanakis the Chosen, Lydia the Deathsiren, Rae, Madame Serris, Zavia, Astralith
ACrimson Helm, Fang Cleric, Luria, Pain Keeper, Kaiden, Lua, Psylar, Rian the Conjurer, Vizier Ovelis, Spider, Spirithost, Visix the Unbowed
BWarden, Captain Temila, Hexweaver, Judge, Delver, Eviscerator, Mystic Hand, Retainer, Queen Eva
CRuel the Huntmaster, Harvester, Wanderer, Paragon, Steel Bowyer

Raid: Shadow Legends Knight Revenant Tier List [2022]

This tier list will assist you in ranking all of the heroes according to their usefulness. The Knight Revenant are great for both defense and attack, making them a must-have for any team.

TierChampions List
SRector Drath, Sinesha, Doompriest, Miscreated Monster, Skullcrown, Soulless, Bystophus
ACrypt Witch, Deathless, Hegemon, Pestilus, Executioner, Golden Reaper, Renegade, Tomb Lord, Sepulcher Sentinel, Wurlim Frostking, Coffin Smasher
BCrimson Slayer, Kytis, Narma the Returned, Gladiator, Guardian, Necrohunter, Pitiless One, Theurgist, Thea the Tomb Angel, Versulf the Grim
CWhisper, Acolyte, Arcanist, Bergoth the Malformed, Daywalker, Faceless, Centurion, Magus
DPharsalas Gravedirt

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Raid: Shadow Legends Dwarf Tier List [2022]

The Dwarf tier list assesses all of the dwarf characters based on how useful they are in combat against both enemy troops and other players. They’re fantastic to have on either side of the field, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

TierChampions List
SMelga Steelgirdle, Rearguard Sergeant, Grizzled Jarl, Maulie Tankard, Rugnor Goldgleam, Trunda Giltmallet, Runekeeper Dazdurk, Tormin the Cold, Underpriest Brogni, Baerdal Fellhammer
ADilgol, Gala Longbraids, Kurzad Deepheart, Geomancer, Hurndig, Mountain King, Rock Breaker, Avir the Alchemage
BCudgeler, Fodbor The Bard, Runic Warder, Grumbler, Stout Axeman, Boltsmith
CBulwark, Hatchet Slinger, Master Butcher, Madman, Samar Gemcursed, Beast Wrestler
DDolor Lorekeeper, Honor Guard, Flailer, Gloril Brutebane, Painsmith, Perforator

Raid: Shadow Legends Shadowkin Tier List [2022]

The Shadowkin are a fantastic pick for players who want to concentrate on assisting their team on both offense and defense. They have skills that can be utilized in any scenario, making them extremely valuable whatever the kind of opponent you’re up against.

TierChampions List
SLady Kimi, Genbo the Dishonored, Riho Bonespear, Genzin, Hotatsu
AJintoro, Burangiri, Chani, Toragi The Frog
BOboro, Gory, Chonoru, Fanatic, Fenshi, Sachi
CLifetaker, Vagabond, Nobel, Odachi, Assassin, Yoshi the Drunkard
DBloodmask, Marauder, Conscript, Infiltrator

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are RPG games?

RPG games are a type of video game where the player takes control of one or more characters and completes quests, often with other players. These games are typically open-world, giving the player freedom to explore the world as they please.

What does a tier list mean?

A tier list is a ranking of items, people, or concepts according to their quality or rank. The term “tier” usually refers to the level of power, effectiveness, or competitiveness of something. Tier lists are often used in strategy games and video games to help players understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of different characters, items, or strategies.

How to use the Raid Shadow Legends tier list?

The Raid: Shadow Legends tier list is a ranking of the best champions in the game, from highest to lowest. It is based on their potential power and how useful they are in battle. The tier list can help players determine which champions to focus on leveling up and upgrading first.

Which Raid Shadow Legends tier includes the best champions?

The S tier includes the best champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. Tier S champions are almost indispensable in most gameplay situations. If you have one of these heroes, you should plan your game around it and use it wherever possible.

What are the best Raid Shadow Legends Heroes for beginners?

It’s a good idea to utilize heroes from the A or B Tier if you’re just getting started with Raid Shadow Legends. These characters are simple to use and have skills that can aid you in most fights.

How often are tier lists updated?

To keep their tier lists up to date, each website updates their ranking of champions regularly. However, these websites will continue to update their tier lists on a regular basis as new content is released and more data becomes available.

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Final Words

Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List Best Champions. The Raid: Shadow Legends tier list is a ranking of the best champions in the game, from highest to lowest.

It is based on their potential power and how useful they are in battle. The tier list can help players determine which champions to focus on leveling up and upgrading first.

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