GamingSlide is currently searching for talented video game content writers who wish to earn some extra cash from simply doing what they do best, i.e., creating content. Our website engages with digital gaming content such as the latest NFT games, Crypto Games, and Console Games that are currently hot in the market. We work with video game content creators, especially those who enjoy putting their gaming knowledge into words, to help us educate the audience about the latest gaming trends in the market.  If you are looking for a blog that accepts gaming content then GamingSlide Blog is the perfect spot for you.!

Whether you like to write about your current favourite Console games or those that could potentially grow bigger in the future, this platform is the best fit for you. Here, you will get the chance to share your gaming insight with gaming geeks worldwide. You can write for us and get paid for your published articles on various gaming topics. Your content must be unique, free of errors, and easy to understand for the readers, as gaming is something that intrigues both adults and children.

To understand how you can write for us, there are a few pointers that you must bear in mind. At Gamingslide, we only cater to writers willing to give their best piece of writing for publication which is why we take extra precautions before accepting any guest post. It is imperative that the information you share with the readers is authentic and a hundred percent traceable. We welcome opinions as much as reviews when gaming is in question, but we put extra emphasis on the quality and validity of the content being published on our website.

Why write for us – Gaming?

A small question yet an important one! There are dozens of platforms left and right then. Why should you opt for What makes it so different from the others? The answer is that we ensure to give our video game content writers the necessary space to reboot their thinking capacity before handing them over to the next gaming task. We are firm believers that creativity comes from inside us, so we must never force it out of anyone. If that’s not enough, we have added a list of factors why you should start writing for us now:

  • You will get paid every time your piece of writing is accepted and published on our website.
  • You will enjoy being a legitimate source of gaming information to thousands of readers.
  • Your writing skills will improve, and your experience will be doubled over time.

How to write for us?

By now, you have probably landed on the decision to join the GamingSlide family in this venture as a video game content creator, and rightly so. You must know that not every piece of writing makes it to our website. It takes effort and a generous amount of time to skim through the incoming gaming articles and find the perfect one that fits our standard of criteria. If your submitted guest post somehow manages to keep our eyes glued to the article, there’s a rare chance that we will publish your article on our website right away. Usually, we ask our writers to send us a guest post first.

What is a guest post?

A guest post is an article you send us initially with your name and your choice of gaming topic. We read that article and assess whether your gaming energy matches ours. If yes, we might edit your blog post as necessary and post it on our website with your name. Depending on your content, you might hit tens, hundreds, or even thousands of views from readers worldwide. Consequently, we will get in touch with you and welcome you into our team for future endeavours.

How to write a guest post?

To write a guest post, make sure you choose the topic you have mastered in. Whether it’s about a Console game or something as advanced as a Crypto game, make sure you know your way around the chosen topic. It will help you reveal obscure information to the readers in a captivating fashion and strengthen your chances of getting selected for publication. Here’s is a list of all the things you must keep in mind before submitting your guest post:

  1. Choose a topic that you enjoy writing about.
  2. The content must be free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  3. The maximum limit for word count should be no more than 1000.
  4. Make generous use of subheadings and bullet points in your content.
  5. Avoid information based on speculation. (Opinions & Reviews are always welcome)
  6. Content should be easy to understand.

Gaming Topics you can write for us

  • NFT Games
  • Downloading Games
  • Online Gaming
  • Console Gaming
  • PC & Mobile Gaming
  • Reviews
  • Crypto Games
  • Designing & Development Of Games
  • Comparison
  • Game Solutions
  • Crack & Installation
  • Tips & Tricks

Get in touch with Us!

Write your first guest post about your favourite games, whether Console games, NFT games, or Crypto games, and send it to us at We are excited to know what innovative piece of information you will bring us for our readers. It’s never too late to seek what you love, especially if it means giving voice and meaning to your knowledge and wisdom!

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